VW Truck Information

VW TruckVolkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the German manufacturer of commercial vehicles including the VW truck is now a separate brand and marquee of the Volkswagen group. Volkswagen EA489 Basis transporter was a small FWD truck which VWCV produced for developing countries in year 1975-79. Further in 1989, VWCV manufactured Toyota-Hilux truck, rebadged as Volkswagen Taro, in a partnership with Toyota. Volkswagen first joint venture into trucks other than LT range was with MAN Nutzfahrzeuge from 1977-93. Around 72,000 units were produced during this time range. Here are few highlights which gave new dimensions to VW trucks as well as European and American roads.

VW Truck Classification:

Volkswagen trucks are available in three categories namely pickup trucks, mid-range trucks and heavy trucks. Volkswagen Amarok is a mid-size pickup truck consisting of range of single and double cab. This VW truck is powered by Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel and combines rear wheel drive or a four motion four wheel drive. Volkswagen LT, produced from 1975 to2006, was the largest light commercial vehicle panel van and Volkswagen commercial vehicles from 1996. The Volkswagen Constellation produced in Brazil and mainly meant for South American market.  Two generations were produced which are LT (Typ 28/Typ 21) and LT (Typ 2D) respectively.

Volkswagen Pickup Truck a new hope for VW:

VW trucks have always received praised in terms of design, engine and the range of models.  Inspite of having received admiration about its trucks, Volkswagen had to face certain speculations and there were many rumors too. But Volkswagen truck once gain lifted the wraps off with its 1 tonne pickup truck called “Pickup” in the form of pre-production model. Volkswagen claims it to be the first pickup of its kind and its 5.18m long vehicle and 1.55 meter long cargo bed makes it distinct from its usual series of the group.

A Volkswagen bid to give new dimension to world’s automobile sector with the VW Truck:

VW’s Chairman, MR Ferdinand Piech has long been waiting to combine MAN and Sweden’s Scania with a motive to become world’s biggest truck maker and biggest automaker by 2018. This offer is a clear indication of Volkswagen heading towards the creation of an integrated commercial vehicle group. With such a great obligation, it seems as if the VW trucks along with MAN and Scania intervention, the roads will soon have a new amazing range of VW truck models with improved efficiency which have never been seen before.